WP2 - Bioprocess with in-situ product recovery and substrate supply will be led by DTU, coordinating and integrating the efforts by all partners in BIOINTENSE. The objective of WP2 is to evaluate different options for process intensification of biocatalytic processes. Units developed within WP1 for in-situ product removal by membrane, resin, evaporation, pervaporation, gas stripping, extraction techniques will be investigated by UL and VITO. Also the use of the biocatalyst in solvents will be investigated by ULUND. Results in µ-scale will be benchmarked to established methodologies at DSM. Monitoring units from WP3 will help generate quick and reliable data for evaluating novel biocatalysts from WP6 and WP7 using the micro tools also taking special consideration to speed up the process development. Tools and models from WP9 are used and feeding information to WP8 for quantification of process performance. Partners involved: GUT, UL, ULUND, VITO, DSM