WP10 Management and dissemination

WP10. Management and dissemination led by DTU will involve 1) permanent support to Coordinator and the whole consortium to assure the progress of the project according to the established indicators (deliverables and milestones), 2) troubleshooting, 3) implementation of decisions,  and securing solutions to problems which might occur, 4) administrative management of the project both at a general and a day-to-day level, assuring (i) the financial follow-up of the project, (ii) administrating human resources and (iii) the contractual obligations. Project manager will also support all BIOINTENSE management bodies and the 9 WPLs to carry out the planned research in time, in the foreseen direction and with the adequate use of resources. Design and implementation of the interactive, multi-level web-site, design and edition of BIOINTENSE graphic standards are also parts of this WP. Partners involved: UNIMAN, UL